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Contractor Lists and Safety & Training Certification Lists


Please click on the below links to download/display a .pdf file of IUPAT District Council No. 5 Signatory Contractors and excel files of Safety and Training Certifications for IUPAT DC5 members (apprentice and journey) served by FTINW Seattle.  If you do not have Excel, please click on the link below to download the free Excel reader.

Members have a unique identifying number, and the certifications for each member (apprentice and journey) are separated by trade and identifier number.  Please contact FTINW Seattle at 206-762-8332, x1000, for additional information or questions.

Call District Council No. 5 for the Signatory Contractor List – 206-441-5554


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for Journeyworkers and Apprentices for the following trades(excel file/by member code):


Drywall finishing,  Floor & field turf,  Commercial glaziers,  Residential glaziers,  Painting, Traffic control striping,  Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho

Skills and Safety Certifications Lists