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FTINW offers safety and health training for IUPAT District Council 5 journey workers and registered apprentices.

Please review the journey and safety calendar [to the right] for upcoming safety and health classes.  

Click on the Links below to jump further down to specific trade related safety requirements under your Agreement.

Health & Safety General

Drywall finishing safety requirements

Floor and field turf safety requirements

Comm'l glazier safety requirements

Residential glazier safety requirements

Painter safety requirements - below

Traffic control safety requirements


Health & Safety General

Courses offered regularly include CPR/1st aid, hazardous communications awareness (safety data sheets), scaffold user awareness, lead awareness, confined space awareness, aerial answers or lift awareness, swing stage awareness, forklift awareness, OSHA 10, RRP Lead, and fall protection awareness. 

Other safety classes, scheduled periodically, on request, or by trade, include rigging and hoisting, crane operation, hospital practices, SSPC C3 Lead Supervisor (and C5 Refresher), OSHA 30, Marine OSHA 10/30, and stilt training/certification.

With proper safety training and awareness, Finishing Trades artisans help keep their workplaces safe for the benefit of themselves and their coworkers.  To be truly effective, health and safety awareness need to be specifically tailored for each workplace.  Trained Finishing Trades professionals use their safety training on diverse projects and in diverse conditions supporting the objective of a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Each of the Finishing Trades has specific safety and training requirements and expectations under the respective trades' collective bargaining agreements.  Please consult your CBA for contractually required safety training requirements.

FTINW training in fills and supplements training and planning required of Signatory Contractors by OSHA and the Washington Department of Occupational Safety and Health, but does not relieve any employer of its own general and site specific safety obligations.


Painter Health & Safety Class Requirements

Under the Western Washington Area Agreement for the Professional Painting Industry, for work and to take the Painter Progression Test, Painters must stay current with the following Health & Safety classes:

MEWP - Scissor & Aerial Lift
3 years
Fall Protection
3 years


How do I take these classes?

Painters who participate in the Western Washington Painters Agreement can attend these classes at no extra cost.

Painters are not currently participating, but who wish to hire on to the Western Washington Painters Agreement can attend these classes but will not receive safety cards until they member up.

For the Health and Safety class schedule, click on "Journey Calendar".


It's easy! You can sign-up by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)call (206) 762-8332, or click on contact FTINW .

For additional questions regarding painter health and safety under your agreement please contact your Local Union Business Representative.





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